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Luxury Mobile Grooming by Celebrity Pets

Our branding and business model is based on the upscale, ritzy, celebrity spa experience

Who we are!

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About Celebrity Pets !

Luxury Mobile Grooming by Celebrity Pets is your premier mobile pet grooming service, delivering star-studded care straight to your doorstep. Our VIP team of grooming experts provides top-rated, luxury pet care that has been trusted by pet owners who want to give their pets the celebrity treatment! We bring a five-star pet salon experience to the comfort of your home, offering high-class grooming that meets the unique needs of your furry friend. As a celebrity-inspired pet grooming service, we're dedicated to providing the same highquality care that Hollywood's famous pets receive. Our mobile grooming van is a stateof-the-art salon on wheels, equipped with the latest grooming tools and natural products to ensure your pet gets the VIP treatment they deserve. Choose us for your pet's grooming needs and let your pet experience the prestige and luxury of Celebrity Pets Mobile Grooming.

why mobile pet grooming is better !

No Cages

Your dog doesn't wait around locked in a cage around barking dogs and buzzing clippers, wondering where you are and what's going on. 

No Driving

You don't have to make plans around the groomer, and you don't have to make two trips with your pet. Our mobile dog grooming van comes directly to you. 

Personal Attention

Your dog isn't part of a production line. There are no ringing phones or customers walking in to distract from the attention your dog deserves

To make an appointment with Celebrity Pets, please call or text 504-723-9086 or click here, Thank you!

Why Choose Us?

important part of pet ownership is proper and consistent pet grooming. Our dog grooming visits consist of bathing, drying, nail trims, cuts and styling to make sure your pet both looks and feels great. We have been trained to handle a wide variety of dogs, and are knowledgeable about AKC-specific breeds and their grooming requirements. Call now to schedule an appointment in our mobile spa!
  • We groom most sized dogs but no cats
  • We service Kenner, Harahan, River Ridge, Elmwood, Desterhan, Lakeview, West End and Metairie.
  • We can come to your home or business.
  • Our mobile spa is fully equipped and climate controlled.
This mobile pet grooming business was created to benefit you and your pet by.
  • Creating a quiet, peaceful grooming atmosphere in our mobile spa.
  • Avoiding the hassle of commuting your dog to and from the groomer.
  • Providing one-on-one attention to your dog by a certified breed-specific trained groomer.

Services and Pricing List

The Grammy Award Package

Mini Groom

  • Hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioner

  • Towel dry and fluff drying

  • Ears cleaned

  • Nails trimmed and grind

  • Very light trimming of the face, feet, and private area

Mini Groom Pricing

  • Small $80

  • Medium $90

  • Large $110

  • Extra large $120

The Oscar Award Package

Full Groom

Includes everything in the Grammy Award Package plus a full haircut & style. Breed Specific, Seasonal Cuts, Shave Downs, etc.

  • (10lbs and under) Small breeds starting at $95+

  • (11lbs-30lbs) Medium Breeds starting at $115+

  • (31lbs-50lbs) Large Breeds starting at $135+

  • (51lbs-75lbs) Extra Large Breeds starting at $150+

Full Color Package

Celebrity Full Color Dye Package

Our dye at Celebrity Mobile Pet Spa is semi-permanent, vegan and cruelty-free. The starting prices are based on dog sizes: S/M | L/XL. Our coloring packages include:

(Separate legs & tail price)

Color includes legs and tail

  • Legs $80+

  • Tail $60+

  • Ears $60+

  • Full Body – 1 Color $100+

  • Multi Colors $200+

Request a booking

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Size Guide 

  • Yorkshire Terrier

  • Chihuahua Pomeranian

  • Daschund Shih Tzu 

  • Bulldog Beagle

  • Miniature Schnauzer 

  • Chow Chow

  • Brittany Collie 

  • Boxer

  • Golden Retriever

  • German Shepard 

  • Doberman Pinscher 

Our Client’s Love

Image 4-12-23 at 8.24 PM.jpeg
Celebrity Pets is amazing! Mickey has severe anxiety going to the groomer but he loves when Jennifer comes to groom him. He’s always happy to se her and we couldn’t be happier with the fantastic results. Customer for life!” -


Image 4-12-23 at 8.38 PM.jpeg
Jennifer treats our Bennie as if he was her own! Love the close and personal caring attention he gets when she grooms him. Top notch service!


Image 4-12-23 at 8.36 PM.jpeg
I’m so impressed with the prompt and professional service we get with Celebrity Pets! Jennifer is a sweetheart and so talented. No one will groom Ajax but her!


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